Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If your question isn't here, feel free to use the contact form below or send a DM over Instagram @rainbowsclay. 

What is your return and exchange policy?

  • I don't normally accept returns or exchanges, however if there's something wrong with your order please reach out to me at info@rainbowsclay.com.

What is your shipping policy?

  • Shipping within the US will cost on average $3 and expected shipping time is 1-4 business days 
  • International shipping can be between $10-$25 depending on location and expected shipping time varies between 1-4 weeks 
  • Free shipping with orders over $40

Do you charge sales tax?

  • At this time only California residents will be charged tax. 

Do you do custom orders?

  • Yes, as long your custom request is similar in labor-level to my other designs (such as, I most likely won't accept over-the-top designs that are much more elaborate than my typical work). If you have a custom order request please DM me on Instagram @rainbowsclay with an exact description of what you'd like and we'll go from there!

What is polymer clay? Is it durable?

  • Polymer clay is a non-toxic type of modeling clay made with polymer polyvinyl chloride that is naturally soft, light and bendable after curing in the oven. If baked correctly, it should be slightly flexible. Polymer clay is very durable and should last a long time without weakening, however it's best to handle with care and not try to bend or break the pieces. 

Where else can I shop your products?

  • Find Rainbow's Clay products at the Homeless Garden Project Store downtown Santa Cruz as well as the occasional local makers market in the Santa Cruz area. You can find more info on my Instagram @rainbowsclay!